What is pelvic floor therapy and why you need?

Treatment for urine leaking and other dysfunctions

Pelvic floor muscle can change due to childbirth, the aging process, or stress. Pelvic floor therapy is appropriate for those with low tone or high tone forms of pelvic floor dysfunction and related pelvic floor muscle pain.

Pelvic floor therapy as a minimally invasive treatment option that should be used as a first-line method for treating various types of pelvic floor dysfunction

Who can benefit from pelvic floor therapy?

  • Bladder problems, like urinary urgency or leakage
  • Bowel problems, including constipation or pain with bowel movements
  • Pregnancy and postpartum changes to the pelvis
  • Sexual dysfunction in both males (erectile dysfunction) and females (painful intercourse)
  • Women going through menopause
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation

We Recommend

  • Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and practicing yoga and other relaxation techniques can help improve pelvic health.
  • We work on body mechanics, postural training and breathing.
  • We help patients to strengthen their abdominal, back and hip muscles so they can move and lift with proper body mechanics.
  • We also teach patients to use their diaphragm to breathe correctly, which can improve pelvic floor health.”

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