Covid-19 Rehab Program

Covid-19 Rehab Program


You know that feeling when you walk up a flight of stairs and feel like you just ran a marathon? Or when your normal walk to the bathroom feels like a balancing act? We, at Good Hands Physical Therapy, understand these issues and are here to help you through them.

Good Hands Physical Therapy is offering treatment for patients recovering from COVID-19 to help them through the physical and emotional challenges that can occur from the virus and get them back to the life they knew. Physical complications after COVID-19 can persist for months or even years, and include impairments in muscle strength, heart and lung capacity, pain, balance, endurance, and walking ability leading to a loss of function and independence.

Hopkins Medicine states “COVID-19 can cause lung complications such as pneumonia and, in the most severe cases, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. Sepsis, another possible complication of COVID-19, can also cause lasting harm to the lungs and other organs.”

As doctoral-trained physical therapists, it is the mission of Good Hands Physical Therapy to help our community to become stronger and return to doing what they love. Our team is equipped to help individuals overcome the challenges faced post-COVID-19 or anyone who is experiencing difficulty due to muscular weakness, fatigue, breathing concerns or balance issues. You can be confident that our assessment and recommended treatment plan will help you recuperate and reach your personal goals. We want to help individuals get back to the life they lived before the infection with a progressive, personalized program. Whether it is YOU, a family member, or friend who needs us, please spread the word!

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