Peripheral Neuropathy With Microvas

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Peripheral Neuropathy with MicroVas

Introducing MicroVas Therapy at Good Hands Physical Therapy!!! MicroVas Therapy is a physical therapy treatment used to help stimulate blood flow. This treatment is used to help patients who experience chronic pain due to poor circulation causing difficulty with walking or standing for prolonged periods of time. It helps anyone in pain but is very effective for special cases like ..

Peripheral Neuropathy where nerve damage causes pain or a loss of sensation in the lower limbs. MicroVas can be used to regenerate your nerve tissues and get to extremities to normal function.(patients in our clinic already showing dramatic improvement)
Diabetic wounds – Lack of circulation can cause delay in wound healing can eventually cause ulcer and gangrene.Microvas helps diabetic foot , increase circulation and heals the wounds fast where normally it might delay or won’t heal at all ..
Sports injuries – A sports injury, like sprain , strain , fracture, can also be treated through MicroVas which increase blood circulation and enhance healing and patient can return to sports earlier than the usual physical therapy treatment
Chronic Pain – where the pain never goes away even after treating it with various different approaches .Regular Microvas therapy has an amazing effect on chronic pain .like back pain , neck pain
Please take advantage of this unique Microvas machine. Physical therapy is covered under all the insurance as we are in network with most of them. So you are just one call away to get rid of your chronic pain which is stopping you do move around and enjoy all the small precious moments of life with your family and friends.

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