In their continued desire to effectively manage clinical pain, healthcare professionals around the world have recognized that Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy is an effective and important component of many treatment programs.

The therapeutic use of TENS for relief of pain consists of the placement of an electrical conductor on the skin overlaying the nerves of the pain area, or site of energy dysfunction, and then apply electrical impulses through the conductor, similar in intensity to the body’s own natural bio-electric currents.

NIKKEN is proud to introduce a highly sophisticated TENS unit called SOLITENS. Designed and structured like a flattened pen, this TENS unit comes equipped with individual set controls. The Solitens unit is very unique in design and application. It functions not only as an active treatment device but also as a ‘pain site finder’.

By placing the tip of the Solitens on the surface of a painful area, and then sliding the point over the skins surface – the probe will lead to the site for treatment! This is accomplished by the sound emitted from the unit and the frequency of the beeper sound as it increases to confirm that proper contact has been made with the patient’s skin over the affected pain area and that a return path is complete. Electrical impulses can then delivered to the nerve site or dysfunctional energy area to achieve pain relief.

SOLITENS is a portable, lightweight, compact, hand-held, long-term pulse duration TENS unit that requires no gels or pads. Although SOLITENS is easy to use, proper instructions from a physician or professional physical therapist should always be obtained prior to use. SOLITENS is a classified by the FDA as a class two medical device for pain control and requires a prescription in the United States.

Principles of Operation

The ability of a TENS unit to relieve pain has been explained in many different ways. Two of the most cited mechanisms involve nerve transmission. One holds that TENS may block the transmission of impulses of the afferent nerves. The other focuses on the possible stimulation of endorphin (an endogenous opiate) production, which is a substance that is naturally produced in the human body and whose function is to dull and de-sensitize nerves.


Solitens units are intended for the symptomatic relief of a large number of painful syndromes until a cause can be found, the relief of chronic intractable pain syndromes, or cases where analgesic drugs would be contraindicated.

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