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Iontophoresis is a form of electrical stimulation that physical therapists use to administer medication into a patient’s body through the skin. It is a therapeutic modality that is used in some specialized treatment plans based on the needs of the patient. It can treat a variety of conditions, such as bursitis, tendinitis, or the management of scar tissue. If you are experiencing a condition that is causing tissue damage, contact Good Hands Physical Therapy today to find out if iontophoresis could benefit you.

How does iontophoresis work?

Our Bridgewater, NJ physical therapists will first determine which medication should be administered before beginning the treatment. This will be dependent upon the nature of your condition and may require a prescription from your doctor. The medication will then be applied to your “iontophoresis patch” and your treatment can begin.

An iontophoresis patch contains a built-in battery with two electrodes. One electrode consists of a positive current while the other consists of a negative current. The medication may be applied to either the positive or the negative current, depending on the type of medicine it is.

When the patch is applied to your body, the medicine pushes through the affected area, relieving pain and promoting healing. Many people ask, “does iontophoresis hurt?” – The answer is NO! With iontophoresis treatments, you will wear your patch for a designated amount of time, depending on the medication you are receiving. Some patches may be worn as long as 24 hours. You will not feel pain from the treatment, but you may feel a slight tingling sensation at times where the patch is worn.

When you remove your patch, the area in which it was applied may be a bit red, which is completely normal. Additional treatments following iontophoresis will be determined by your physical therapist.

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Our Bridgewater, NJ physical therapists are dedicated to creating the best treatment plan for you. If you are interested in iontophoresis and you’d like to find out if it would work for you, schedule an appointment at our Bridgewater, NJ physical therapy office today. At Good Hands Physical Therapy, we will help you recover as quickly as possible!

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