Rashmi Chavan

Rashmi Chavan, PT

Rashmi, is highly experienced therapist over 23 years now.

She professionally managed numerous cases for orthopedic trauma, musculoskeletal out-patients, elderly care, neurology, general surgery, hydrotherapy, sports injury, total joint replacements, low back , cervical injuries, fractures, hemiplegia, diabetes foot pain, amputee, arthritis, spondylosis, elective orthopedics and intensive care. She provided her expert consultancy services to various world class hospitals and facilities based out of NY and NJ viz.

  • Millennium Rehab, Bronx, NY
  • Robert Wood Johnson, NJ
  • Care One, NJ
  • Manalapan Spine care and Rehabilitation, NJ.
  • Park Physical Therapy Out-patient Rehab, NJ.
  • Holton Chiropractic Center, NJ
  • Highpoint Health Center, NJ

To further enhance her professional career she attended various seminars and extended her physiotherapy knowledge with many modern techniques. To name a few….

  • Mulligan Mobilization Techniques
  • Female Pelvic Floor Problems
  • Myofacial release using triggers nots
  • Osteoporosis
  • Myofacial release by John Barns
  • Lymph Drainage therapy
  • Hemiplegia management

She believes in personal attention to each case and provides a seamless service to her patients.

Currently she is successfully managing wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders, post-operative physical therapy (and rehabilitation) and many of areas already mentioned above. She is always interested in treating complex and chronic pain and believes multi-disciplinary solutions are essential for successful results.