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Sneh P.

Sep21st 2020

Don’t have enough words to thank Dr. Rashmi Chavan for helping me with abdominal pain I was having for 5 months. She’s a skilled professional, very knowledgeable and gives personal attention to her patients. Patty at the front desk is very nice and flexible to schedule the appointments.

Dr. Rashmi’s therapy has been life changer for me. I was having chronic lower abdominal pain for about 5 months. The pain would start as a spasm in the lower right side and would pulsate to the upper right abdomen too. And after a while the spasms would make me very gassy and burpy. I went to many doctors and was checked right from kidney stones to uterine cancers to gastric cancers, with no diagnosis. Fortunately all the tests were negative, but it also made me upset that the doctors couldn’t find a cause to the pain. Only ibuprofen helped, and I was dumping 400mg of ibuprofen every 6 hrs into my body for about 5 months. I wasn’t able to function or perform well at my job. I was getting depressed and often wondered if I would die of this pain without even knowing the cause. Finally fed up, I researched and decided to see Dr. Joseph Parlavecchio, after reading great reviews. Dr. Parlavecchio, in the very first meeting suggested that the pain looks more musculo-skeletal and referred me to Dr. Rashmi Chavan. And I am so GLAD I went to Dr. Chavan. She diagnosed my pain to be ilipsoas muscle problem. Her therapy helped me greatly and I felt relief in just 2-3 sessions. She also taught me many stretches and exercises that I should practice everyday to manage my pain during and after the therapy. Going to her was a great decision I made. She is the best.