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Eileen D.

Sep21st 2020

Besides improving my range of motion and working on my strength, Rashmi Chavan has addressed my problems with the help of pelvic floor exercises and I am happy to say I am sleeping and not getting up all night long. It makes a big difference in your life when you are not exhausted at the start of your day.

The inflammation and pain that I have in my lower back, that is probably from a break in my coccyx bone, is also doing better and I practice the many exercises Rashmi has given me at home.

The exceptional care that I have received along with the unique stretches, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, soft tissue massage and myofascial release for pelvic floor have made a positive difference and have me looking forward to my next visit. I was quite sad before I went to Rashmi because I saw myself not getting any better but that has changed and I am a lot happier because of her. While I have gone to other physical therapists for shoulder problems and for my lower back, I have never received the level of care or experienced such a positive difference as with Rashmi Chavan.