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Barbara R.

Sep21st 2020

I wanted you to know the end of the story with respect to my husband Richard.

He pursued the braces you recommended , got them thru Hanger (which is apparently quite a big outfit) and has been wearing them with enormous success for the last month. He has not fallen even once, and wore them on a trip to Atlanta for 10 days (without me) including airports, malls, sidewalks and trains to his complete delight.

The neighbors are all amazed, because in the 42 years we’ve lived in our house, they never saw him outside except for going from the house to the car or back. Now he walks 1/2 hour almost every evening, reveling in his newfound confidence.

Which, I might add, has spilled over into the rest of his personality, making him less introverted, and less isolated. I don’t think even HE knew how thoroughly the not-walking had affected him until it no longer does, and for me it’s a revelation since I met him just after he was in rehab and didn’t know there was so much more happiness in him.

None of this would have happened but for a chance grouching by me to you, and your immediate response of,”there are plenty of things that can help him now!”

So bless you, and thank you for everything you have done for me (6 months of hard work) and for him, by your honesty, intelligence, and expertise. We wish you the very best in your new clinic, and much joy in your future.