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Nov10th 2020

Have you met your Deductible?

Act Now or Forever Lose Your Deductible! The end of 2020 is fast approaching. In the health insurance world, that means it’s almost time for deductibles to renew. Your deductible is the amount of money that you must pay out-of-pocket for treatment before your insurance pays for your medical services. Good Hands PT has a

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Herniated Disc Back Pain good hands physical therapy Sep20th 2020

So You’ve Been Having Back Pain… Could it be Caused by a Herniated Disc?

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, it just may be a herniated disc. A herniated disc can put extra pressure on the muscles and nerves around the spinal column. Symptoms may include, pain on one side of the body, pain that radiates to the arms or legs, aching, burning sensations in the affected area and

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diet & nutrition good hands physical therapy Aug20th 2020

How Does Nutrition Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation?

Are you living with chronic pain or inflammation? If so, there may be a simple solution for you: changing your eating habits. Proper nutrition can play an important role in managing your discomfort. Many people live with chronic pains every day, unaware that simply eating the right foods can actually help them find relief. Maintaining

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